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(Larnaca, 18 December 2008)  At 17:00 on Friday, December 19, the Free Gaza Movement boat, the Dignity, sends another ton of medicine, baby formula and gifts to Gaza. This time, the donations come from the people of Qatar, and two envoys from that nation will accompany the supplies.

The envoys from Qatar will assess hospitals, schools and civilian centers and will return with recommendations on how to help the beleaguered Palestinians rebuild the infrastructure that Israel has destroyed.  One of the much-needed projects is fixing the sanitation system, which Gazans have been unable to do since Israel refuses the entry of vital supplies such as lumber, steel and cement. The only way these supplies will be able to come to Gaza will be via the sea in large ships

"This is just the beginning. After we assess the situation there, we will go back and let the people of Qatar know how we can help. We are delighted that we are finally able to go and see how we can work together to help relieve this terrible situation in Gaza," said Alze Al-Qahtani, one of the envoys from Qatar.

The Dignity is also returning two Palestinians who want to go home to their families, as well as Arabs from other countries who have never been able to visit Palestine as a result of Israel’s occupation. In addition to these and the human rights workers, there will be two Israelis on board, including a journalist from Israel’s Channel 10 News.

The media is welcome to come to the port at 3:30 to interview the envoys from Qatar and the rest of the passengers.

The Free Gaza Movement, a human rights group, sent two boats to Gaza in August 2008. These were the first international boats to land in the port in 41 years. Since August, two more voyages were successful, taking Parliamentarians, human rights workers, and other dignitaries to witness the effects of Israel’s draconian policies are on the civilians of Gaza.