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There is a new filing regarding the Mavi Marmara case at the ICC

One of the attorneys who is interested in the ICC case against the Israeli military oficers wrote to us yesterday with this comment(He is not with the office in the UK)

“I just checked the Appeals Chamber’s order on the court’s website about details for the May 1 hearing and read the questions they are posing for the May 1 hearing. To judge by the questions, the Appeals Chamber seems inclined against the Prosecutor.” This is very good news. The mainstream media may not cover this case, but you can be sure, we will.

And the information below is why he wrote to us. This note comes from the law firm in the UK that represents the victims on board the Mavi Marmara, attacked by the Israeli Navy on May 31, 2010 while on a humanitarian mission to Gaza.

From the law offices in the UK…“Dear all, We are writing to inform you of the most recent development at the International Criminal Court (ICC) regarding our ongoing case concerning the Gaza Freedom Flotilla of 31 May 2010, in which you are represented as a victim. Since the deadly and illegal attack by IDF soldiers on the Mavi Marmara and Gaza Freedom Flotilla in 2010, we have relentlessly been seeking justice in national and international legal systems on behalf of the families of the 10 martyrs and yourselves.

The legal process commenced on 14 May 2013 when an application to the ICC was made on behalf of the Comoros, the flag state of Mavi Marmara, as well as for all of the represented victims seeking justice. Since the commencement of the legal process, communications with the ICC have continued. An appeal was made following the decision of the ICC prosecutor on 6 November 2014 to not open an investigation, despite finding that the attack constituted a war crime.

The appeal resulted in our favour several times since 2014 as the court found that the prosecutor’s decision contained errors and ordered her to reconsider her decision whilst giving her a deadline of 15th May 2019 to make a final decision on opening an investigation.

Whilst the legal process continues, we have very recently been informed by the ICC that the Appeals Chamber will hold an oral hearing on 1st May 2019. The Appeals Chamber set out specific questions it seeks answers to in regards to the Prosecutor’s appeal, for which the parties (Government of Comoros, Victims, Prosecutor and Counsel for the internal victim’s section at the ICC) will answer during the hearing. The oral hearing will be before the five judges on the Appeals Chamber, including the presiding judge for this appeal; Judge Solomy Balungi Bossa.

This is a significantly important and historical occasion for our case and in the history of the ICC. It is a very rare occasion as these kind of oral hearings almost never happens. It highlights the importance of the case to the future of the ICC, and of the legal issues that will be argued. During the hearing, we – as your legal team -, will make submissions on the issues raised on your behalf.