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Human rights group that sailed 5 times into port of Gaza.

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From Huwaida Arraf, a moving tribute to Vittorio:

Below is a link to TedxRamallah, which took place on Saturday in
Bethlehem, simultaneously webcast in 20 cities around the world,
including Gaza, where people gathered in a hall to watch, London,
Beirut, Montreal, etc.</wbr>eventday/

I used my minutes to pay a very humble tribute to Vittorio. You can
watch at Part 1, starting at 1:18 (after one hour and 18 minutes). The
entire hall stood up to give Vik a standing ovation, and some wrote to
me from Gaza, London, and Beirut to tell me that folks watching with
them burst into tears.</wbr>v=XiAy5GaFuRs