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Viva Palestina - 110 vehicle convoy to Gaza 


The mood today was of relief. After a marathon drive through Algeria and further south in Tunisia, the convoy has been relaxing today in good standard hotels in the city of Gabes.

They are enjoying nice food and the facilities of the hotel complex including swimming pools. Some are sleeping, the others are taking strolls on the beach to walk off those stiff legs and muscles. The Tunisians have shown their hospitality by offering free fuel, servicing and repairs to the vehicles and accomodation.


The alarm clock will go off at 06.00am when the convoy will head for the border with Libya. It is anticipated that they will cross into Libya sometimes during the day. Tripoli is about 430km away(about 270miles), so there is every chance that they will make it to the Capital tomorrow where the Libyan people will emulate their brothers in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia in welcoming the Viva Palestina convoy with open arms and show their love and appreciation.

Farid Arada and others