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Human rights group that sailed 5 times into port of Gaza.

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Ship of hope
Al-Ahram Weekly - Cairo,Egypt
As Adel stood in line to shake hands with Professor Jeff Halper, the only Israeli on board the Free Gaza Ship, he said: "I want to express my personal …

Tributes: Abie Nathan - from right to left
Jerusalem Post - Israel
"I feel that I am following in his footsteps," said Jeff Halper, an Israeli professor who was on board one of the two boats that sailed into Gaza port last …

Free Gaza boats leaving with Palestinians on board
Palestine News Network - Palestinian Territories
Jeff Halper, an Israeli who was arrested while leaving the Strip through that same northern crossing, was arraigned and released Thursday morning. …

Free Gaza boats depart, transporting stranded Palestinians
Institute for Middle East Understanding - Oakland,CA,USA
A Jewish Israeli activist, Jeff Halper, was arrested on Tuesday after entering Israel through the same crossing. The 44 activists sailed to Gaza on Saturday …

Activist ships depart Gaza for Cyprus
Jerusalem Post - Israel
Jeff Halper, the Israeli participant in the Gaza Free Movement boat voyage, was released on bail on Wednesday, a day after being arrested in Sderot for …

Boats that defied Israeli blockade sail to Cyprus (Pressemitteilung) - Wien,Austria
Another who did not make the trip was Jeff Halper, a dual US-Israeli citizen who was arrested when he returned to Israel on Tuesday and released on bail …

Gaza blockade protesters set sail back to Cyprus
Jeff Halper, the only Israeli in the group, returned to Israel on Tuesday and was promptly detained by police who held him for about 24 hours for entering …

Gaza blockade protesters to set sail back to Cyprus
US-born Jeff Halper said he was accused of violating a military order that generally bans Israelis from entering Gaza, which has been ruled since June 2007 …

Israeli activist detained, then released, for taking part in ‘Free …
International Middle East Media Center - Beit Sahour,West Bank,Palestinian Territories
After being held overnight in Ashkelon Prison, Israeli peace activist Jeff Halper was released Wednesday. While the 44 international activists on the two …

Ship of fools
Jerusalem Post - Israel
ICAHD’s director, Jeff Halper has been one of Free Gaza’s leading spokesmen. WORRYINGLY, SEVERAL European governments are hoodwinked by the "humanitarian" …

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Ynet: Israeli who sailed to Gaza released
By ISM Media Group
Prof Jeff Halper, the only Israeli on board two ships that attempted to break an Israeli naval blockade on Gaza last week, was released after being detained Tuesday by police. By Shmulik Hadad. To view original article, published by …
International Solidarity Movement -

The Face of Jewish Hate
By Richard Silverstein
My coverage of Jeff Halper’s travails with the Israeli justice system has brought out of the miasma just such a “human being.” He calls himself Yoni Brukirer and this is what this fine specimen of a Jew (ultra-Orthodox natch) and …
Tikun Olam-תקון עולם:… -

Halper Released, Faces Indictment for Gaza Civil Disobedience
By Richard Silverstein

Breaking habitats, building resistance
By John Hilley(John Hilley)
Jeff Halper, the group’s leading Israeli activist is unequivocal in describing Israel’s actions as "apartheid" and calling for a concerted campaign to break its system of discrimination:. "This, then, is a call for a global …
Zenpolitics -

Boats with Palestinians defy Israeli Gaza blockade
Another who did not make the trip was Jeff Halper, a dual US-Israeli citizen who was arrested when he returned to Israel on Tuesday and released on bail Wednesday. Israelis are banned from entering Gaza and from contacting Hamas, …
AP Huffington Post Wires -