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Human rights group that sailed 5 times into port of Gaza.

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Our book, Freedom Sailors, will be released August 23, 2012. It is the inside story of our first voyage to Gaza four years ago, and how we succeeded to sail into Gaza in spite of ourselves. The book is heartwarming, sad and funny, a real adenture story and one that should be read by everyone in civil society who says these projects can't be done and won't succeed.

Here are just a few comments about the book:

This is not just the story of how two tiny boats challenged the illegal Israeli siege on Gaza, but a vivid description of how a small group of people forever changed the rules of the game.A riveting account. A must read.

Ramzi Baroud, Palestine Chronicle, Born and Raised in Gaza and Author of My Father Was a Freedom Fighter

This is a moving story of principled, courageous people going to the aid of the people of Gaza, whose suffering and resistance pass responsibility to all of us to take action.

John Pilger, Journalist and Filmmaker

This book MUST be read by people who care about freedom and justice.

Baroness Jenny Tonge, House of Lords, UK

The book will be released Thursday, August 23. Most proceeds will go to the Gaza's Ark project and to the Gaza Community Mental Health Center. The authors will receive no royalties. Here is what you can do to help.

1. Order the book at The website is open now

2. Tell your friends and family to buy the book and ask them to LIKE and SHARE our page on Facebook

3. Hold your own book event to raise money for your projects. Buying books in bulk can be done by emailing us at

4. Add to the reviews on the book at Amazon.

People have told us that books on Palestine never sell well, that no one wants to read about Palestinians except a small number. Let's prove them wrong. After all, we proved them wrong when we sailed into Gaza the first time.