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Human rights group that sailed 5 times into port of Gaza.

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It rained all night last night, and the streets were slick with water when we woke up. Those of us who slept off and on waited for someone from the DIGNITY to call. Sure enough, at 10:00 am, the phone rang. "It’s Huwaida, we’re about an hour away." Six of us grabbed our cameras, umbrellas and windbreakers and headed down to the port to welcome the passengers. Five Palestinians came back this time as well as Dr. Sonia Robbins, the reconstructive surgeon who had not been allowed back into Gaza and, of course, the two Qataris.

As we walked down the jetty to look for the boat, the sun came out. We were just in time to see the nose of the boat edge around the rocks, straighten itself out, then head right for us. It is joyous every time to see that white boat cut through the waves, the Palestinian and Qatari flags flying from the top.

Everyone is back safely. Four of the Palestinians have left to their destinations. Katia, the wonderful journalist from Al Jazeera bounded off the boat and said, "I’m coming back. Only the next time, I’m coming back as an activist. My husband can be the journalist."

Gaza Fever working its magic again.<p></p>