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18 July 2011 | A French Boat for Gaza

The French government must fulfill its responsibilities! In a few hours, the Dignite - Al Karama will approach Gazan waters. As they publically announced, the Israeli government may at any time employ violence to stop the French ship, including the use of weapons against peaceful and unarmed activists.

The campaign "A French Boat for Gaza," strengthened in recent months by exceptional popular support and representing a broad range of civil society, demands that the French Government act to enable the delegation to reach the coast of Gaza. The Foreign Ministry recently called on "the Israeli authorities to fundamentally change policies vis-à-vis Gaza." We note that first step.

We are however, concerned about the reluctance of French authorities to support French citizens during the Israeli attack on the first Flotilla in May 2010; or to protect the French citizens wishing to travel to the West Bank and blocked at airports on 8 July.

The Dignity-Al Karama is a piece of France in the Mediterranean. Resolute action by the French government must be conducted to guarantee freedom of movement of the boat and the integrity of its passengers. Until now, the French government has not publicly warned Israel against the possible use of violence.

We demand they do so as soon as possible.