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Human rights group that sailed 5 times into port of Gaza.

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Those were the eloquent words of Ray McGovern when the piece of art from Holland came to him by mail.  “The artwork and text are as gripping as they are poignant.  The book can move to tears -- as it did me, despite all of the callouses I wear as a result of witnessing longstanding unconscionable oppression in Gaza.”

Many people have asked us how they can help publicize the oppression in Gaza, how they can help when they don’t have a lot of money and what else can they do to raise money for the people in Gaza.

Here are three ways you can help:

Buy a piece of art from an exhibition in The Hague and Brussels. Part of the purchase money will go to projects in Gaza.

Buy Free Gaza’s book at as royalties go to projects in Gaza, and you get a great read of Free Gaza’s first voyage and how we succeeded in spite of ourselves.

As the most current reviewe on Amazon r says about the book, "Freedom Sailors" is a riveting account of how 44 avowed, non-violent peace activists sailed their two barely seaworthy boats past the naval blockade of Gaza and thus became the first vessels to break the siege in 41 years. How these leaderless, "hardheaded, independent-minded, stubborn" individuals from 17 different nations planned and accomplished this feat in 2008 is graphically told here from several perspectives. I was held spellbound by reading "Freedom Sailors" and am glad that the "majority of the Royalties earned from this book will be donated to Gaza-based humanitarian organizations." Alan T. Marty MD

Buy Peace tunes with Rich Siegel and spread the music around on this holiday season. The songs are terrific.

Please don’t miss this opportunity to share in a piece of artwork, the history of Free Gaza’s first voyage. And, when you are reading the books, listen to the wonderful music and Rich Siegel and company. And know that part of the purchase price will go to projects in Gaza.