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Human rights group that sailed 5 times into port of Gaza.

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Ramle Immigration Prison, Israel

I am from Nigeria. I came to Israel in October 1995, and was married in 2000 to a woman from Ukraine. My wife, Alina, and I had our first baby child on 11 May 2001 in Israel. our second child was born on 12 December 2002, and our third child was born on 17 August 2005. The Israeli government refused our children's birth certificates - refused to grant them their citizenship. Now Israel is trying to separate me, their father, from my beloved children.

When they arrested me, Israeli immigration police confiscated my personal "business" bag, which contained all of my documents and money. At first, the refused to return these items. Later they claimed they had lost it. I reported this loss to the Nigerian embassy in Tel Aviv, but Nigeria supports Israel and the embassy has not shown any concern for my plight. I am still pleading to the Israeli government not to separate me from my family, and to consider my children.

My name is Calistus Uwa Ibeh. My passport number, A1216397. My first child is named Benson Chigozie Ibeh. My second son is Michael Chinedu Ibeh. My third son is Fortune Chidi Ibeh. I will be grateful for any help that anyone can give us.

Yours Faithfully,
Calistus Uwa Ibeh

If you would like to Calistus and his family, please contact Derek Graham at