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Human rights group that sailed 5 times into port of Gaza.

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The SPOT locator, onboard Spirit, along with GPS position, can send 3 signals, OK - Help - Emergency, their meaning:

  • OK signal means everything going well, they are sent every half hour/ hour or so, there may be some occasions when they miss out a signal due to being busy or asleep but they will definitely send when there is anything happening.
  • a Help signal doesn't mean that we need help just that the Israelis have made contact and are around but haven't stopped us yet, they will send a Help Signal as soon as they do contact us and will continue to send a help signal while they're around.  This is only for your information not necessarily for action although a contact with them to say ''we know your in contact with the boat, please leave it alone and don't harm it or he passengers'' may be useful
  • If they leave Spirit alone again they'll go back to OK
  • If they suddenly go from Help to not sending that will mean that they have boarded and have stopped me from sending, don't worry we should be fine only a wee bit frustrated.  There is a chance that they may miss the occasional signal so wait until 2 or 3 are missing before deciding that we've been boarded.
  • If they do get into difficulty they'll send an Emergency signal out which will alert the relevant search and rescue teams, we seriously don't expect to have to use that one but in the unlikely event of us having to use it it will bring us help very quickly so you don't have to worry since we have all of the emergency equipment we need to be ok until help arrives.  They will have the spot device with them and will keep on sending the emergency signal so that any searching people will be able to find us quickly.