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Human rights group that sailed 5 times into port of Gaza.

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For Immediate Release

January 14, 2009

Contact: Mary Hughes, Cyprus +357 99 08 17 67     96 75 00 59
Karin Pally, Cyprus +357 96 48 80 15
Huwaida Arraf, Gaza +972 599 130 426
Angela Godfrey Goldstein, Jerusalem: +972 547 366 393

Larnaca:   At 10:30 this morning, under bright blue Mediterranean
skies, the SPIRIT OF HUMANITY sailed from the port of Larnaca.
Undeterred by Israeli threats of  interception at sea, 21 passengers
and crew waved to friends and press on shore, committed to our mission
of delivering doctors, journalists, human rights observers and a
shipment of medical supplies to assist the civilian population of Gaza
during this emergency.
 ”Israel has an obligation to protect the civilian population that it
occupies” stated Free Gaza delegation leader Huwaida Arraf.  “Since
Israel continues to violate this obligation, we will continue to do
whatever we can to deliver badly needed medical supplies, food, and to
transport medical personnel, journalists and human rights workers to
help and to witness the devastation Israel has wrought.”
The physicians on board include a reconstructive plastic surgeron and
an orthopedic surgeron and another physician.  All three doctors will
bring crucial assistance to the exhausted and overwhelmed hospital
staff in Gaza where emergency resouces don’t begin to meet the need.

Mary Hughes-Thompson
Free Gaza Movement
Media Team
+357 96 75 00 59