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Press Release - Wed 5th June, 3.30am

The IPSC has been contacted by the MV Rachel Corrie in the past few minutes. Jenny Graham reported that they had been followed by Israeli ships for about 2 hours, and that in the last few minutes 2 ships were approaching from the port side. Ms Graham said that equipment on board had been jammed by the Israeli navy, and that they expected their satellite phone (number below) to be jammed soon as well. The line was bad, and we were unable to determine the exact location of the Rachel Corrie relative to their destination. 

On hearing of the news, Freda Hughes of the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) said: "We all hope that those on board the Rachel Corrie will remain safe and that there will be no repeat of Monday's terrible attack on the Freedom Flotilla. Our hearts are with you."

The Rachel Corrie is flying their Irish, Malaysian and Filipino flags at half mark as a mark of respect for their murdered comrades from the Mavi Marmama which was hijacked on Monday by Israeli commandos in an attack that left at least 9 people dead.
Speaking about Minister Micheal Martin's statement earlier in which he said that those on board the Rachel Corrie had rejected a so-called deal that would involve them docking in the ISraeli port of Ashdod, Jenny Graham said: "We will have no part in a deal that involves us legitimising the siege of Gaza. We intend to continue on our mission to deliver our cargo of aid and supplies to the people of Gaza. This has always been our intention."