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Human rights group that sailed 5 times into port of Gaza.

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During the last convulsive hours it was difficult for me to take the right decision, consistent with everything I believe in and possibly the most rational. That rationality that often is not part of me, being istinct and passion my natural compass.
I chose, against my fighting istinct, rationally, not to challenge the deportation.
And to be put, tomorrow morning, on a flight directed to Rome.
I hope that nobody among my best friends, from Rafah to USA, will consider me a coward for the choice I made.
I weighted up risks and benefits. In the same way I did when, swimming towards Gaza surrounded by eight Israeli warships, I saw my hands coloured in blue and I decided to give up my escape.
Maybe I will be more useful for our cause outside these barred walls, maybe here I could even be more harmful than helpful for our next courageous missions.
Time will deny or confirm my doubts and my decisions.
I thank all those who supported and advised me during this  frantic day made of Georgian long coffees, Eritean teas and Ethiopian cigarettes (insects, instead, were kindly offered by Israel).
In particular I thank:


-         Huweida from USA with yankee accent
-         Paul for his advise about the streaptease
-         Adam and Sacha from West Bank for telephone and moral recharge
-         Daniela from Al Quds for the sigarettes never received

-         Bianca from France for ‘vino bianco’

-         Leila always empathetic

-         Marele from Italy

-         All italian ‘Guerrilleri’ bloggers

-         Infopal, Il Manifesto, Ettore Acocella, Secondo Protocollo, Don Nando Capovilla, Vittorio Agnoletto

-         Mahfus and all gazawi people (apart from a certain Jamal)
-         Fida, Donna, G., OJ (eat, eat!), Eva (sleep, sleep!) and companera Caoimhe


Guys, I’m proud I had the chance to know and fight with extraordinary human beings like you, inshallah there will be other marine intifadas in our tomorrow.


Darlene, the best wine is in small barrels.
Andrew you still owe me that revenge on the green table.


And all the people that I, guilty, forgot and that were close to me in these hours.


Yours, never subdued, Vik.


Stay human


22nd November 2008