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Human rights group that sailed 5 times into port of Gaza.

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Peter photo68, English

Peter joined the Royal Navy at age 15, traveled the world & conflicts in the Middle and Far East. He served on many ships & also staffed FOST, SOSM and NATO. Peter participated in landings in the Middle East and Borneo, covered the icy waters of the Arctic, hot Persian Gulf and Far East. His civilian life as a Supervisor, Manager & General Manager covered many sectors: Construction-Aviation-Marine-Oil & Gas-Mining-Search & Rescue-Ambulance-Fire-Police -Communication-Airport/Oil/Gas/Mining Security-Customer Relations. He then started his own consultancy business and has spent considerable time in the Middle East, Iraq, Jordan, UAE & Sudan.

Peter's life took a dramatic turn when he started to see things from a totally different perspective. He became humbled by the Irula Tribe in India where he spent much time. He has carried out years of research covering high technology - poverty. He assisted making a documentary film "Impoverished Villages of Scheduled Tribes in India" He's an independent activist and uses his broad experience to research all the many issues in Gaza. He has appeared on TV, written a book and writes many hard-hitting articles.