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Human rights group that sailed 5 times into port of Gaza.

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Lubna Masarwa (32)


Lubna Masarwa is a Palestinian activist, who works as a community organizer for Al Quds University focusing on educational rights for the thousands of Palestinian children in East Jerusalem who have no schools.
She also works with the community of East Jerusalem in their struggle against the Israeli government’s policy of ethnic cleansing Palestinian families through home demolitions and forced displacement.
Until recently, as the Alternative Information Center (AIC) coordinator for the political/social movement in Palestine, she supported grassroots community members and activists in their efforts to mobilize resistance to the Occupation. In order to promote leadership among young Palestinian women, she directs a “Girls for Leadership” program in Jerusalem.
Lubna was on the maiden voyage of the DIGNITY in October, 2008, then came back two more times to be one of the delegation leaders.
She was on board the SPIRIT in June 2009 when it was hijacked and its passengers kidnapped and thrown into prison in Israel.


Huwaida Arraf (33)
Ramallah, Palestine / Washington D.C. / Detroit, MI


Huwaida Arraf, JD, is a Palestinian with American and Israeli citizenship. She received her Juris Doctor from the American University Washington College of Law, where she focused her studies on international human rights and humanitarian law.
In 2001 Huwaida co-founded the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), which has twice been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Huwaida is co-author of the book “Peace Under Fire: Israel, Palestine, and the International Solidarity Movement.”
From 2007 – 2008 Huwaida taught in a human rights law clinic at Al-Quds University in Jerusalem, the first legal clinic in the Arab World.


Nader El Sakka (58)
Hamburg, Germany


Nader is a Palestinian born in Gaza and currently living in Germany.
He is President of the Palestinian Community of Hamburg.