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Human rights group that sailed 5 times into port of Gaza.

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We will begin to post messages of support as well as letters to the Israeli government to 'let our people in.' Some of them you can already see by watching our videos at Here are two of the latest:

In the name of Fateh I would like to salute and support those  brothers and sisters all around Europe preparing for the convoy of ships sailing to Gaza soon in solidarity with our people in Gaza, trying with their non violent means to defy and break the siege of Gaza. I encourage you to declare that support and to work hand in hand to end the criminal Israeli siege of Gaza which is collective punishment and a war crimes.

My love and best wishes.
Nabeel Shaath, Director, Fateh

Your Excellencies,

President of Israel Shimon Peres

First Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu

Ambassador of Israel in Brazil Giora Becher

As a Senator of Brazil representing the State of São Paulo and the Workers Party, I would like to take the opportunity given by Jornal do Brasil, to make a plea to Your Excellencies – like Senators from other countries, following the example of Senator Mark Dearey, from Ireland – so that the Government of Israel allows the three passenger ships and the five freighters from the Free Gaza Movement to sail from Cyprus to the Gaza Strip, starting on Monday, May 24th. I was invited to participate in this expedition. However, as it will last two weeks, coinciding with important voting sessions in the Federal Senate, I will not be able to accompany the trip. Nevertheless, I hereby, and also at the Senate, express my sympathy to this entirely pacific movement.

I consider myself as a friend of Israel and sympathetic to the Jewish people. I have also supported President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s steps to promote peace in the Middle East. Inspired by the Brazilian experience, in which all peoples from all origins – as Jewish, Arabs, Persians, Palestinians, Asians, Africans, Americans, Europeans – live together in harmony to promote progress, I can see how important the dialogs between the Chiefs of State from all the Middle East, including Your Excellencies, with the Palestinians authorities and with the President of Iran, are. President Lula always points out that, whenever he goes to the Albert Einstein Hospital, or to the Sírio Libanês Hospital, in São Paulo, Brazil, he sees Jew and Arab physicians working in mutual collaboration

The eight ships of the Free Gaza Movement will take food, clothes, building material and solidarity of peoples from several nations, so that the Palestinians can rebuild their houses and create a new, fair and united future. Such goods are typically qualified as human aid, duly inspected by the authorities, as by Senator Dearey himself. The group includes people from Italy, Ireland, Canada, Greece, Tunisia, Germany, Australia, USA, England, Scotland, Denmark, Israel and Palestine. All of them have years of experience in voluntary works in Gaza and in Cisjordan, invited by the Palestinians.

The Movement’s aim is breaking the siege to Gaza, increasing the international awareness on the closure of the Gaza Strip and showing to Israel how important it is to review their sanction politics occurred since the beginning of the occupation of that territory, on June 5th, 1967. It is necessary that all inhabitants, all over the world have access, without any obstacles, to the international space and waters, in accordance to the UN resolutions and to the international law, and with everyone’s right of locomotion.

May Israel remember President Barack Obama’s passionate and beautiful appeal, when he was Senator, on July 24, 2008, in front of the Brandenburg Gate when two hundred thousand people were listening to him, recalling the construction and the demolition of the Berlin Wall. He proclaimed that the times were no longer for the existence of walls separating those who have the most from those who have the least, the Jews from the Muslim, from the Christians, from the Budhists or from the people of any origin, race and religion. We need that “all of us hear each other, learn with each other and, most of all, trust each other”.

Eduardo Matarazzo Suplicy