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My name is Donna Wallach, I am Darlene Wallach’s sister. She was illegally kidnapped at gunpoint by at least 5 armed and masked Israeli Naval commandos on Tuesday 18th November, while accompanying Palestinian fishermen trawling for fish 7 miles off the coast of Deir Al-Balah, clearly within the internationally recognized Gazan territorial waters. Darlene was kidnappen d along with 2 other international Human Rights Observers, volunteering with International Solidarity Movement (ISM), and along with the 15 Palestinian fishermen who were fishing to earn a livelihood for their families. The three trawling boats on whichl the 15 Palestinian fishermen and the three international ISM volunteers were on were also illegally siezed and confiscated and still remain in the Israeli port of Ashdod.

Darlene and the other two ISM volunteers are still being illegally detained in Maasiyahu Prison in the Israeli town of Lod. Darlene went on hunger strike to protest the confiscation of the boats and to demand their immediate return to their Palestinian owners. As punishment, her Israeli jailers put her into isolation and took away her cell phone, her only communication with the outside world. She was also informed that she would not be allowed to see her lawyer until Sunday, i.e. Friday and Saturday she would be incommunicado with everyone. Considering that she had had a live interview on Friday with Democracy Now, Darlene made the decision it was better to be out of isolation and have a phone so she would be available for interviews with the press than to be in isolation, so she stopped her hunger strike. Her cell phone is: 972-75-93-144

It is highly important to publicize this illegal kidnapping of an American citizen by the Israeli Navy. It is time the citizens of San Jose see some truth about what is happening here in the Gaza Strip, Palestine. The genocidal siege also needs to be highlighted - the borders are closed since 5th November 2008 - all shipments of food, medicine, fuel, wheat, etc. are denied entry. There are daily power outages, many areas are without running water and there is no more bread to be found in the stores.

I am available for any claripfications: cats4jazz @ gmail . com or cell phone: 972-59-88-36-420

Donna Wallach
Gaza Strip, Palestine<p></p>