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We are the parents of Vittorio Arrigoni who is now in Gaza with the activists of the Free Gaza Movement and ISM Rafah.
We are sure you already know Vittorio since he told us about all the contacts you kindly had and still have with him (thank you Consul Francesco).
Therefore you should also know what happened today, while Vittorio was offshore with a fishing boat. He was wounded, but he could die if the glass fragments hit him at his throat or his heart.
We are sure and confident you already protested against Mr. Olmert or anyone could be considered responsible for these attacks which contravene international laws and can be considered to all intents and purposes real war crimes against unarmed civilians, italians or palestininans, no matter of which nationality they can be.
We would like to know if our belief is correct in order to keep trusting our state institutions and their will and capacity of ensuring that all fundamental principles of our Constitution are honoured.
We will wait trustfully for a dispatch that, we wish, will represent a strong taking office towards today's events.

Kind Regards
Ettore and Egidia Arrigoni


PS From Egidia, Vittorio's mother:
I am an Italian Mayor. Four years ago I swore I would have respected our Constitution and applied its fundamental principles. I'm doing my best especially for those people who, also in our opulent region (Brianza), are living with pain and troubles every day life, without making any difference between italian and foreign people.
I'm expecting the same behaviour from you for a son who, exactly like me, thinks that the only nationality is 'being human' and doesn't consider anybody as a foreigner.
Give me back the trust and pride for the Italian flag I wear everyday.
Raise your voice!
Shout that Italy repudiates war and not just within its borders.
Otherwise I will go to meet the President of the Republic and in front of him I will give up my mandate.