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Human rights group that sailed 5 times into port of Gaza.

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Leaden sunsets
lethal postcards
sent from Israel to the fishermen in Gaza.

Stamped by zionism, they brand the guardians of human rights with stamps of antisemitism.

The postman in these waters is armour-plated and covered in hatred,
the mailboxes look more like floating coffins.

I've never seen sunsets as crimson as those offshore from the Gaza coast.

We accompany the Palestinian fishermen offshore almost every day.
We’re attacked by Israeli war ships every time, taking pot-shots at us with their whole arsenal. Lately they’ve started firing chemical-biological weapons at us.
All this to prevent poor, but dignified people from providing themselves with something to feed their families.

The “civilised world’s” silence is more deafening than the shots you hear in the short film.

Vittorio Arrigoni
contact in Gaza : guerrillaingaza(at)

Vittorio Arrigoni