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FreeGaza Movement

Human rights group that sailed 5 times into port of Gaza.

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As we get ready to send boats back to Gaza, Israel is beginning to rattle the swords of intimidation again. They have threatened us with snipers and with attack dogs. They have said that they will not allow us to sail to Gaza even though it is they who are breaking international law, and not us. So, for all of you who support us, please begin to call your representatives and insist on our safe passage. Write letters to the editor and notify your news organizations once we sail.

We are unarmed members of civil society and we sail to bring to the attention of the world that Israel is committiing crimes against humanity by sealing off Gaza and forcing 1.5 million Palestinians into a concentration camp with few rights to leave for an education, to trade with the world from their own sea port and to come home when they choose. Those rights we take for granted. Israel makes sure Palestinians are denied them.