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In the early hours of Saturday 4th April, two Palestinian resistance fighters (Mohammed Hamayda, 23 and Jammel Gofa, 26) were wounded near the Green Line, east of Jabaliya. An ambulance from the Palestinian Red Crescent Society made a first attempt to reach the two injured Palestinians shortly after 7am when, according to medical sources, they were still alive. But the Palestinian paramedics were prevented to accomplish their humanitarian mission by heavy Israeli shelling. Firing against civilians and ambulances and preventing injured people from accessing medical treatment are serious violations of international humanitarian law.

Later, ISM Gaza Strip volunteers were asked to support the efforts for the evacuation of the two injured Palestinians or their bodies, as they have successfully done in the past. But finally it wasn't necessary as the Palestinian Red Crescent Society ambulance was allowed to approach the area after 11am. By almost noon the ambulance returned with the dead bodies of the two Palestinian fighters.

According to medical sources, when the fighters were found, their weapons and some personal belongings were missing and they had sustained serious gunshot wounds, indicating that Israeli troops may have reached them. This raises suspicions that they could have been extrajudicially executed while they were lying injured but still alive. Whilst this is only an assumption, in such a case it would constitute yet another breach of international humanitarian law.