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PENGO, Stop the Wall Campaign

and the Free Gaza Movement

Call for Internationals to come to Gaza

We are urging internationals to come to Gaza as human rights defenders and solidarity activists and to bear witness to the Israeli crimes against a civilian population trapped in an open-air prison with nowhere to hide, pounded by Israeli drones, F-16s, helicopters and missiles.

We are asking you to begin to come on Sunday, November 25, 2012.

Since the United Nations, governments and other international institutions have failed to fulfill their obligation to protect the besieged civilians of Gaza and stop the Israeli aggression, we urge people of conscience to come to Gaza to speak out about the Israeli war crimes and possible crimes against humanity.

During the last attack on Gaza in 2008-2009, Egypt closed Rafah borders and no one could get in to document the Israeli crimes. This time, the Rafah borders appear to be open. We need your support to raise our voice among the international community.

Since Israel began attacking the people of Gaza seven days ago, 138 people have been murdered, including 23 children and 1050 injured. More are being murdered as you read this call.  Abandoned by the UN and most state governments despite their obligation under international law, we call on civil society to enter Gaza to act as witnesses to the brutality of the Israeli attacks on the imprisoned population in Gaza and show the people of Gaza they are not alone.

Yesterday, 31 civilians were killed while Israel refused to consider the terms of the ceasefire. In addition, bombing of houses and mosques and businesses continued. Even if the parties get a ceasefire agreement in the coming days, it is important to go and show your support, bear witness to what is happening to the people of Gaza and be an extra pair of hands and eyes, however you can help.

People in Gaza will coordinate your activity as soon as you arrive, so please contact the following people listed below and let them know you are coming:

Lubna Masarwa, Free Gaza 00 972 592829714, 00 972 505633044

Jamal Juma, Stop the Wall  00 972 598921821

Amjad Shawwa, PENGO 00 972 599401297

Maria Del Mar Fernandez, Free Gaza 00 34 671 00 20 15, Egyptian:00 20 147 367 761, Palestinian: 00 972 545 436 385