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Human rights group that sailed 5 times into port of Gaza.

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I spent the early afternoon at a demonstration attended by several thousand people. The Hamas authorities refused to allow the people to march to the border,  and clashes broke out with the police. .

When we finally found a way to get around the Hamas cordon, we found shabob (Kids from roughly the age of 12 to 25) at Erez Crossing. They were throwing stones at the Israeli side of the crossing. Tires were on fire and several kids were pulling the concertina wire away from the crossing. Ever so often, the Israeli soldiers in the watchtower would shoot one or two of them. So far, 1 dead, Mahmud Zakut, age 20 shot, several in critical condition. I put down my camera to try and help with casualties, but as each kid got shot a huge chaotic crowd formed around them as they were rushed to motorcycles which ferried them to the Palestinian side of the crossing and waiting ambulances.

The rock throwing continues, the casualties will go up. Thinking about oppression & resistance. Thinking about peace, Johnny Barber