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The delegation was the Codepink: Women for Peace delegation for International Women's Day in March, 2009.  Here are some TV, Radio and Newspaper Interviews, Articles, Blogs, Photos Videos and Talks/Brief backs on trip to Gaza (Updated as of April 10, 2009)


Democracy Now (April 6, 2009): Gaza: Land of Ruin-Economy & Tunnels (by delegation members Anjali Kamat and Jacquie Soohen)

Webcast of George Galloway's Banned in Canada talk (March 30,2009)

Democracy Now (March 20, 2009): Palestinian gynecologist and peace advocate Dr. Ezzeldeen Abu al-Aish speaks about the Israeli tank attack on his home where U.S. tank shells killed three of his daughters and a niece (by delegation members Anjali Kamat and Jacquie Soohen.

Canadian Broadcasting radio documentary on Dr. Ezzeldeen Abu al-Aish (March 2, 2009)

Democracy Now Interview (March 16, 2009): On Trip to Gaza, Parents of Slain Peace Activist Rachel Corrie Remember Their Daughter Six Years After Her Death

Statement of Cindy and Craig Corrie on March 16, 2009, the Sixth Anniversary of Her Killing

Democracy Now Interview (March 9, 2009) with Alice Walker and Medea Benjamin

Ann Wright's March 9, 2009 interview on Grit-TV on International Women's Day in Gaza

Helen Schiff and Felice Gelman, "Law and Disorder," WBAI-NYC, New York, March 30, 2009
Medea Benjamin, Gael Murphy and Ann WRight on CODEPINK Radio, March 22, 2009
Gael Murphy and Pam Rasmussen's radio interview with University of Conn radio station

Ann Wright did many radio interviews on March 18, 19 and 20 primarily on the 6th anniversary of the war on Iraq in which she talked also about the trip to Gaza:
WBAI, NYC; KPFT, Houston; KPFK, Berkley; Air America, Detroit; Radio Islam, Chicago; other stations in Wisconsin, Florida, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Radio Tehran, Radio New Zealand, Radio Jamaica and Radio Moscow plus a skype presentation to Toronto Students Against Racism and Occupation on Afghanistan but talked also about Gaza
KPFT Houston (March 18):

WBAI New York Talk Back (March 18):

KPFA Berkeley Flashpoints (March 18)

WBAI Wakeup Call (March 20):

Radio New Zealand (March 21):


Joanna Zilsel's interview "One Woman's Experience" in the Local (April 9, 2009)
No internet link-see attachment on Joanna's April 9 email to delegation

Linda Durham's interview "Start Wearing Pink" in the Santa Fe Reporter
(April 1, 2009)

Daanish Faruqi's commentary "Egypt errs in playing rough at the Rafah border," in the Lebanon Daily Star (March 27, 2009)

Ehab Lotayef's OpEd "Israel's actions in Gaza have killed any chance for peace" in the Montreal Gazette (March 27, 2009)

"Peace in pink on the Gaza Strip" about Joanna Zilsel's trip to Gaza (March 27, 2009)

Broadsides by Antonia Zerbisias with responses to Kim Elliott's article (March 27)

Canadian Speaks out for Palestinians (March 25, 2009) (Kim Elliot)

Two students to discuss humanitarian visit to Gaza (March 23, 2009) (Michelle Deyden and Laura Closson)

Champion of Justice (March 13, 2009) (Ann Wright video of Gaza featured in Honolulu Star Bulletin's article on a Gaza fundraiser)

Updated Associated Press article with photos of Alice Walker:
(It got on and NY's Long Island's Newsday too! )

Vancouver news story documenting return of one delegate, Joanna Zilsel (March 11, 2009)
American Delegation to Attempt Gaza Entry Today (March 5, 2009)

Rick Congress' article in May issue of "Against the Current."

Ehub Lotayef's article "Gaza- Chipping into the Siege" in Montreal Serai (March 30, 2009)

Marie Kennedy's article "After Israel's Invasion" in Grassroots Online (March 27, 2009)

Amal Sedky Winter's "What I Saw in Gaza," on the website of Psychologists for Social Responsibility (March 20, 2009)

Ann Wright's article "With The Women of Gaza On International Women's Day: We Will Not Be Silent! (March 9, 2009)

May ?, 2009, Linda Durham at the Islamic Society in Albuquerque, New Mexico

April 24, 2009, Linda Frank at Kings Books in Tacoma, Washington

April 20, 2009, Kim Elliot, Dalia Shabib, Ehab Lotayeh and Sandra Ruch speak at the Canada-Palestine Parliamentary Association, open to all members of Canadian Parliament.

April 20, 2009, Ann Wright, Revolution Books, Honolulu, Hawaii

April 19, 2009, Linda Frank, Center for Spiritual Living, Tacoma, Washington

April 17, 2009, Ann Wright, Lihue Neighborhood Center/Old Hall, Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii

April 14, 2009, Ann Wright at the Church of the Crossroads, Honolulu, Hawaii

April 9, 2009, Julianna Gustafson Lira at the First Unitarian-Universalist Church, Houston, Texas

April 8, 2009, Ann Wright at the First Congregationalist Church, Boulder, Colorado

April 1, 2009, Linda Durham at the Interfaith Alliance Group, Santa Fe, New Mexico

April 1, 2009, Ann Wright at Marshall University, Huntington, West Virginia
(120 attended-2 students want to come to Gaza)

March 30, 2009, Ann Wright at the George Mason University Law School, Fairfax, Virginia ( xxx attendees)

March 28, 2009, Linda Frank at the Methodist Church in Bremerton, Washinton (Navy town!!)

March 28, 2009, Ann Wright at the Women's Literary Festival, Santa Barbara, California (250 attendees-6 expressed interest in Gaza trips)

March 24, 2009, Ann Wright at Mankato State University, Mankato, Minnesota (80 attendees-2 students interested in Gaza trips)

March 23, 2009 Busboys & Poets, Washington, DC Medea, Gael, Ann, Pam, Tighe, Paul and Noura Erkat, National Lawyers Guild delegation to Gaza present a Gaza Brief Back (100 attendees)

Video of CodePink report back on Gaza March 23, 2009 - Part 1

Video of CodePink report back on Gaza March 23, 2009 - Part 2

Video of CodePink report back on Gaza March 23, 2009 - Part 3

March 22, 2009, Maureen Doyle at the Christian Church in Columbia, MO (50 attendees)
March 22, 2009, Linda Frank at the United Church of Christ, Federal Way, WA (45 attendees)


Jess Boylan's Blog "Witness To Memory: Gaza, March 2009"

Ali Glenesk's Blog on Gaza (Ali is a student at the American University of Cairo and will complete her studies at UC Berkeley next year)

Rose Mishaan, member of the National Lawyers Guild delegation to Gaza
"US Eyewitness in Gaza: 'The reality of a very real bloodbath set in...'
Rishna Gracie's Blog (Rishna is a graduate student at the Monterey Institute for International Studies, Monterey, CA)

Felice Gelman's Blog
Amal Sedky Winter's Blog on Gaza

Interview with Hamas Party Parliament member Huda Naim by Kim Elliot

Richard Congress's Blog on Trip to Gaza

Pam Rasmussen's Blog on Gaza

Jessie Boylan's Blog on Gaza (with photos)



Marie Kennedy (see Gaza Delegation emails for the essay itself)

New Politics has accepted the article for publication in May and it has been sent out on the large email list of Informaciones del Centro de Español y Lenguas Mayas Rebelde Autónomo Zapatista


Marie Kennedy and Salena Tramel's photos on Grassroots International's flickr site

Amal Sedky Winter's Photos of Gaza

Kim Elliott's photos  

Paul Park's Photos (237 photos)

Codepink Flickr link

Jesse Boylan's Gaza photos (two sets):

Felice Gelman's Photos of Gaza
Leslie Hope's Gaza photos:


Kim Elliot
Talks by UNWRA John Ging and by the Gaza Community Mental
Health Program members

Tyler Westbrook
Lincoln Vermont

Codepink Baskets for International Women's Day in Gaza, March 8, 2009

Delegation trip from Cairo to Gaza

A Motorcycle Ride Through Gaza City

23 videos of Gaza by Tyler Westbrook

Terror in the Holy Land

Message of Peace from Gaza

Grassroots in Gaza

Murder on the beach

UN relief Center in Gaza

Viva Palestina leaves Gaza

Jabylia destroyed by American Bombs

Rachel Corrie's Father in Gaza

America Funded Murder on the Beach in Gaza

Traditional Dancing in Palestine

Palestinian Breakdancer

Yummy pies

Zionist Gunboat Threatens Gazan Fishermen

Viva Palestina!

Message from Gaza to world: WE ARE NOT BROKEN

Delegation Meeting with Female Torture Victims in Gaza

Whynotnews Gaza Video playlist

Video of CodePink party with the women in Gaza, Palestinian Dancing.

Viva Palestina Convoy Video by Waqar from Sheffield

Statements on Gaza from Delegates' Organizations

WILPF (Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Geneva, Switzerland) Statement of the Middle East, 10 February 2009:

WILPF, Geneva, Switzerland, Letter to CodePink Delegation and to Women of Gaza on IWD 2009:

Letter to the UN Security Council on the Middle East, 16 December 2008

Call to stop the Bombing of Gaza, January 2009.
List of Talking Points.


"Rachel"-- a film about Rachel Corrie

Articles and Blogs after Medea, Ann and Tighe's February, 2009 trip to Gaza

Ann Wright's February 9 interview on Gaza on Grit TV Israel's Crimes

Ann Wright's article "The Israeli Smashing of Gaza and International Silence"

Ann's article "Under Siege Again, But Gaza Will Not Die"

Ann's article "Can Gaza Be Rebuilt Through Tunnels?"

Medea's Benjamin's article "To Gaza With Love"

Former Colonel Turned Peace Advocate to visit Santa Cruz

Blogs on our trip:
Opposing Views - Los Angeles, CA, USA