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Human rights group that sailed 5 times into port of Gaza.

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Special announcement to our supporters

Responding to a call from Free Gaza organizers, two more groups have stepped forward to add their boats to the flotilla. When we sent out a call to organizations to join us, we were hoping that one or two would be able to find the funds and come with us to Gaza. We are now delighted to report that boats from organizations in Turkey, Belgium, Greece, Malaysia and Indonesia are coming with us in April.

One humanitarian group in Indonesia will sail with Free Gaza and bring in medical supplies for a hospital. As soon as they finish purchasing the boat, they will make a formal announcement of their plans. In addition, another group from Europe is in the process of buying a boat, answering our call to join the flotilla. They intend to bring MPs from around Europe to witness the devastation in Gaza. To date, we have two cargo ships and now are planning on 10 passenger boats, and we are hoping there will still be time for other organizations to find boats and sail with us.

Stay tuned as plans become finalized, then watch this space for more announcements as other organizations step up and come on board the Freedom Flotilla.