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FreeGaza Movement

Human rights group that sailed 5 times into port of Gaza.

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On August 23, 2008, the two wooden boats of the Free Gaza Movement became the first foreign vessels in forty-one years to freely enter the port of Gaza, thus defying the Israeli siege.  We promised the people of Gaza that we would return and continue to transport  passengers and supplies.  We need your help to keep that promise.

From Sunday, October 5 to Friday, October 17, Free Gaza representatives Dr. Paul Larudee, Greta Berlin, Dr. Hesham Alalusi and Tom Nelson will be traveling to destinations throughout the Middle East to meet with individuals and groups interested in learning more about and supporting our efforts.  We are available for meetings, speaking engagements and interviews.  We will also be offering the historic boats themselves for sale to buyers who wish them to become a monument, so that the funds can be used for larger, faster vessels, and possibly even an aircraft.

To schedule an event in your location, please respond to

Ramzi Obeid (GMT+8 hours)
+1 510 825 6968
rsobeid (at)


Cueeva Butterly
+357 9643 0279
+961 70 182488
sahara78 (at)