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Human rights group that sailed 5 times into port of Gaza.

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David Schermerhorn is an adventurer, film maker and supporter of the rights of Palestinians. He has gone skydiving as a tribute to the people of Gaza and their Right of Return, marched in anti-Trump rallies, tended bees, traveled to Mexico, and to Alaska

David was a lover of life, learning, laughter, adventure, the outdoors, and family, and was driven by a sense of curiosity, moral duty, and a responsibility to his fellow man. He was crew on the Free Gaza furing that first trip and an invaluable asset to the movement. He lived by the words of his dear friend, ACLU founder, Roger Baldwin, who told him that you must “never lose your sense of wonder”.

David was on three trips that got into Gaza in 2008 (June-Freedom, October-Dignity and November-Dignity) and three that did not– in 2009 (Dignity), 2010 (Challenger 1) and 2011 (Audacity of Hope)