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Ewa Jasiewicz, Free Gaza Coordinator in Gaza, talks in Berlin, Germany about what she witnessed during the 22-day massacre of civilians in Gaza. Her on-the-ground reporting of what she and seven others saw during that time is heart-wrenching. Israel deliberately murdered 16 medics trying to do their job of rescuing other injured Palestinians, targeting them directly. Ewa and the other volunteers from Free Gaza and the International Solidarity Movement accompanied thes ambulances, horrified at what they saw.

She also eloquently speaks about the people in Gaza, how they are trying to make a living for their families as the Israeli Occupation Forces shoot to kill the farmers and fishermen, long after Operation Cast Lead was supposedly over.

Listen to her speech, see the images from the people who were there recording Israel’s use of phosophorus bombs and other deadly weapons that Israel literally threw at a civilian populations. Families have been torn apart, 29 members of one family murdered in their home as they held a white flag of surrender.


As Ewas says, “Israel’s objective is to rid Palestine of Palestinians: drip by drip, body by body, person by person, village by village

She as well as more than a dozen other speakers are available to speak to your groups. You can contact us at and ask for someone to come and talk about the voyages of Free Gaza movement, the work in Gaza and witnessing the destruction of a civilian population with American money and weapons.