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1 July 2011 | Ship to Gaza Greece

For Immediate Release

An unprecedented statement of the Greek Ministry of Protection of Citizen prohibited today the departure of all boats that are found in Greek harbours and which participate in the international mission of solidarity for Gaza. The minister, Mr Papoutsis, with no viable technical, procedural or legal reason, prohibited the departure of boats whether flying Greek or foreign flags, who were intending to sail to Gaza.

The Israeli's multileveled effort of cancellation of this international mission, that has been undertaken for many months, found a fervent supporter in the Greek government. After the sabotage of 2 boats in the preceding days, that did not suffice to cancel the mission, the subservient and willing Greek government undertook and executes the dirty work that would otherwise have been carried out by the Israeli naval forces in the waters of the sea. Aligned completely with the Israeli orders, they did not hesitate to send ships with Greek commandos in a Greek harbour and, with the threat of arms forced a passenger boat of the mission that had only just left the Perama/Piraeus port, to return to Piraeus/Keratsini port. When last year, the Greek Prime Minister declared impudently that “we have lost a part of our national sovereignty” we could not imagine that she meant that the Israeli territorial waters reach up to Keratsini.

Those, who just the day before yesterday, willingly ceded the public fortune of the country to the usurers, today did not hesitate to sell out the traditionally friendly attitude of the Greek society in solidarity with the Palestinian cause.

We, from our side, want to stress that our intention and our determination to reach the besieged Gaza is not weakened, on the contrary, it strengthens. The coordinated efforts of Israeli and Greek government do not scare us, on the contrary, these efforts confirm that they fear us. They fear the friendship of populations, the international solidarity, the humanitarian sensitivity, our refusal to accept the theft of basic rights of Palestinians and our common fight for dignity and justice.