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Report from Gaza: 400 death toll todate wounded 2000

Gaza Strip, 31, December, 2oo8- Three hours later, a new happy year would be starting for the rest of the world. Palestinians in Gaza would receive it with blood, sadness and bombings.  It seems Israeli air force, naval forces, rockets, shells would share them a high-tech bloody fireworks. War on the Gaza Strip continues raising casualties and effects in both sides.  Bombings, rockets, heavy missiles of Apachi and F16s tear down many targets across the besieged strip.  The number of victims still dramatically raising.

Many calls raised for a ceasefire. The Islamist Hamas Movement expressed its readiness for a truce in return of lifting siege and ending the recent launched War. The Hamas stance was conveyed to Russia which is trying to play role to end this War.  Lately in Tuesday, Israel refused a French suggestion of 48-hour-truce.

Israeli Television said that troops would enter Gaza n Friday to pursue the ongoing War. Meanwhile, Hamas Primer, Ismail  Hanya,  said that Israli war on Gaza is against Arab, Islamic and free civilized countries.

Casualties of Israeli heavy bombings reached 400 while wounded rise up to 2000 persons.  Around 210 a big number of them civilians. Around 210 in critical conditions and they are exposed to slow death due to lack of medicines.

Main Israeli Military Actions in Gaza:

* Al Nasir  incubators  of newly born babies affected by Israeli heavy bombings hit a shop of money transfer and exchange in the west north of Gaza City. A another Israeli air raid targeted money exchange shop mid of Gaza City.

*Heavy bombings  hit the of Egyptian Palestinian borders destroying tunnels used for food smuggling.

*Israeli heavy artillery takes part in the military operation for the first time. Many parts in the eastern areas of Gaza were hit.

*Israeli Apache helicopters fired 5 rockets in Toffah neighborhood east of Gaza. Medical sources reported that several Palestinians injured. 

*Three Palestinians injured in Israeli rocket hit a house in Khan Yonis City.

*Israeli air force bombed Ezbat Abd rabu area north of Gaza Strip.

*Israeli air force bombed Civic Administration office in Jabalia town, north of Gaza.

*Israeli navy bombs gaza shores and open its heavy fire on some buidlingd.

*A number of wounded resulted in a rocket hit a house for a Hamas member in Rafah. Few vans of aids, food stuff and medical aids arrived into Gaza.

*International Ngo's deliver aids and medical assistance for Gaza hospitals and the harmed families.

*10 Ambulances arrived in Gaza donated by Libyan government.

*Neither fuel, nor gasoline nor Benzin in Gaza. Power cuts  up to 21 hours. All aspects of life are not longer available in Gaza.

*Palestinian factions retaliate against Israeli air raids in Gaza.  Around 40 homemade rockets fired into Israel with no casualties.

*Israeli air force bombed sewage lagoon in north of Gaza and Coastal Municipalities Water in Gaza called on people to limit use of waster. Neither spare parts nor Gasoline available to operate pumps of fresh water. A great number of Palestinians don't have an easy access to fresh drinking water.