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 Informative Report on Gaza War: Death toll 980, wounded 4400


Dear Editors, Journalists and Friends,

" Israeli MP and Leader: Afghdor Liberman says that "Gaza has to be erased from the Map by Nuclear bombs like what Americans used in Heroshima and Nagazaki."

Israeli military operation is still increasingly killing more Palestinians mostly civilians. The victims are in contrary of the announced aim of targeting militants. Around 370 of the victims are children while 160 are women. Israeli Artillery intensified the shelling scale leaving more victims and destruction.

This is a new report for the 18th day of Gaza War and the outcomes of Israeli invasion. For more reporting, breaking news, interviews and accounts in Gaza, you could reach me on my contact info below. Please try both numbers below because there is a big problem in communication resulted in Israeli power cuts.

I'm available 24 hours for media coverage in occupied Gaza. You could reach me any time in my house. welcome to call me on this number in the night: Landline: 0097282802825




Mob: 00972599306096
Landline: 0097282802825
Skype: Gazatoday, Facebook: Sameh A. habeeb
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Please, make sure you forward this email to those who you feel are interested in this matter.

Day 18 of Israeli War On Gaza

By Sameh A. Habeeb, A Photojournalist, Humanitarian & Peace Activist in Gaza Strip.


 Daily Feed About Gaza War:

Israeli war ships bombard two weeding halls, Al Jazeera and Shab palace on Gaza beach.
Heavy shelling in East of Gaza City resulted in the killing of many people and injuring several others.
Continued artillery attacks on Bait Lahi town.
The Israelis destroyed many houses in Khoza'a south north of Kanyounis where 24 citizens were injured by the white phosphorous bombs, most of them are suffering from third degree burns.
Expanding bulldozering houses and farms in Khoza'a and Najar neighborhood south north Khanyounis.
Killing a woman and injuring a girl in her arm and leg as well as wounding several citizens for their rejection to evacuate their houses.
Continual clashes between resistance men and the Israel army on Al Rayyes and Al Sorni hills.
Shelling a house belonging to Al Barawi family in Twam, north west of Gaza, four people injured by white phosphorous bombs. Injured people waited for long time until the ambulance men managed to reach them .
One Palestinian citizen killed and ten injured on Khnyounis Highway.
Targeting Al Ahli Sports Club in west to Nusseirat Camp.
Targeting by war planes missiles a house belonging to Al Shanti Family in Nusseirat .
Targeting a group of citizens in Nusseirat, four casualties. Ambulance personnel were prevented to reach them.
Targeting a house belonging Al Zwaidi Family south of Beit Hanoun .
Bombardment by two F16 rockets on farms in Abbassan south of Khnyounis
Artillery shelling in an open area near Jabalia refugee camp; three people were injured.
Warning rockets at residential areas in Beer Al Na'a Ja west of Jabalia.
Detonating an evacuated house in Al Attatra area where Israeli special Forces were inside the house. Al Qassam Brigades claimed one Israeli officer was killed and other soldiers were injured , while the Israeli sources have not referred to that incident.
A Palestinian citizen is killed and four other were injured, one of them is serious in Al Falouja while they were trying to get bread for their kids.
Alaqsa brigades calim killing 12 Israel soldiers in an ambush south of Baitlahi. Israeil sources kept silent.
Al aqsa Brigades shells by home- made artillery Soufa Crossing.
Five Palestinian citizens were killed and 10 people were seriously injured near Al Sekka area in Jabalia.
Destroying a villa belonging to Mohammed Madi in Raffah..
Targeting a group of citizens in Baitlahia, one was killd.
Bombardment on a house belonging to Mr. Amin Al Zwaidi for the third time, adjacent houses were affected.
Bombardment on Fatouh street close to Mosab Bin Omair mosque , three citizens were killed and several people were injured.
Air raids on Jabalia refugee camp where forty citizens were injured.
Bombarding a house belonging to Al Najar clan in Khanyounis where Mr. Khalil Ahmad Alnajar age 75 was killed and seven of his family members were injured.
Bombarding Raffah border area by 100 F16 to destroy tunnels; 25 houses were destroyed.
Thirteen resistance men were killed in clashes with Israeli soldiers south west of Jabalia.
Recovering of the dead body of Mikbel Abed Aljarbeeh,an old Palestinian who was killed on the second day of the ground attack. The corpse was found rotten.
Eight resistance men are killed in clashes with Israeli soldiers in Tal Al Hawa neighborhood south east of Gaza.
The Israeli solders shot dead two Palestinian civilians from Ayyad family in Al Zaitoun Neighborhood and one resistance man was killed by a rocket in the southern area of the same neighborhood.
Two Palestinian civilians, Hassan Shtaiwi age 68 and Mamdouh Shaiber age 18 were injured and later died in Al Zaitoun neighborhood.
Mr. Jaji Ramzi who was injured on Jan. 6th and then transferred to an Egyptian hospital died.
The total toll of the Palestinians victims have been 980 killed and more than 4400 wounded in the War.
Naval forces open heavy fire on Gaza shore and many houses were destroyed.
A Palestinian Killed in Shikh Ridwan area as a rocket his car and 5 other wounded.
Israeli allows some few vans of aids to get into the Gaza Strip. Hoever, Gaza needs thousands of food trucks a day.
Israeli Leader: Afghdor Liberman says that Gaza has to be erased from the Map by Nuclear bombs like what Americans used in Heroshima and Nagazaki.
Palestinian figthters fired 15 rockets into Israeli settlements.

Sameh A. Habeeb, B.A.
Photojournalist & Peace Activist
Humanitarian, Child Relief Worker
Gaza Strip, Palestine
Mob: 00972599306096
Tel: 0097282802825
Skype: Gazatoday, Facebook: Sameh A. habeeb
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