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November 29, 2012, The Hague: From December 27, 2008 until January 18, 2009, Israel launched Operation Cast Lead against the population of Gaza. In 23 days, 1430 lives were lost, most of them civilians. Two years ago, in tribute to the people killed, Ingrid Rollema, a Dutch artist began to develop a piece of artwork entitled "The Nomadic Memorial Cast Lead,” a symbolic graveyard consisting of 1430 unique books 'floating' above the floor in battle-array.

Each book bears the name of one of the victims, beautifully typographed in Latin and Arabic script. Holding the book in your hands, the artwork opens to its center, with the right side in Dutch/English and the left side in Arabic. Inside the 254-page book are texts by famous writers, artists and thinkers from around the world as well as photos of the installation and the artists.

“The Nomadic Memorial Cast Lead” was unveiled in the Dutch Residential City, The Hague on September 21, 2012, the international day of peace. Then the installation was taken down and moved to Brussels, capital of Europe. It was exhibited again in BOZAR, Centre for Fine Arts on November 1-2, 2012. More than 21,000 people viewed this stunning installation, a testament to the men, women and children who died in those terrible 23 days.

The 1430 books are now for sale, and only one person/book will ever be sold. You will have a unique piece of artwork and a remembrance of one of the people who lost a life and will now never be forgotten.

The artists are raising money for a traveling presentation to be opened in Paris in 2013, but these books, the first ones, will be the only copies offered for sale.

Would you like to purchase one of these pieces of art? For €65 ($85.00), including taxes and shipping, you will receive your unique book. The holidays are coming. This gift is perfect for people who have wondered how to memorialize the names of the dead of Operation Cast Lead.

The books won’t last long. Below is how you can receive one as a gift or to give as a gift. And the artists are generously donating $10.00 (€8,00) of every purchase to FREEDOM SAILORS for projects in Gaza, including the MECA water project, the Gaza Community Mental Health Center, and Gaza’s Ark.

To adopt a book, click on On the right-hand side, you will see information on how to donate. Select the method of payment. Click on the DONATE button, then click on CONTINUE.

If donating through PayPal, add “Please donate $10.00 to Freedom Sailors” where it says to add information on your PayPal account.

If donating by credit card, click on the card you want to use, then click CONTINUE on the next page, then fill out the credit card information. When donations come from the U.S. and Canada, the artists will know that $10.00 goes to Freedom Sailors. You can also buy a book through your bank account.

These books are a unique gift and a way to continue to support the people of the occupied territories, especially after this last vicious attack on Gaza in November where another 175 Palestinians were killed, most of them women, children and older men.