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Human rights group that sailed 5 times into port of Gaza.

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At the age of 83, Hedy Epstein is still a rabble-rouser. The diminutive, feisty Central West End resident is a familiar face at protests ranging from police brutality to Israeli policies that she feels oppress Palestinians. But Epstein, who is Jewish and a Holocaust survivor, doesn't consider herself an antagonist. Her decisions, she says, are motivated by her experiences. Epstein believes that Jews who lost their homes, land and liberties after Hitler came to power in 1933 should not oppress others. She holds the strong belief that some Israeli policies have done just that to Palestinians. "I lived in Germany, under Hitler. I know oppression," Epstein said. "When I see another people under oppression, I can't stand by quietly." (Follow the link below to read the whole article) sylvesterbrownjr/story/913ABC93A876533E8625747600179C97?OpenDocument