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The blockade-running ship Estelle did not need to reach the port of Gaza to bring hope to the people there. Through the tenacity of the crew and the media who told their story, the Estelle’s message to Palestinians and to the world is that we will not stop, we will not forget, we will not condone the blockade that is strangling Gaza. Now, we are launching a new initiative that will take these efforts to another level. It's called Gaza's Ark, and instead of focusing on bringing supplies and internationals into Gaza, it will showcase the need to allow the free movement of people and exports out.

The goal of the project -- run jointly by civil society groups in Gaza and  a committee of internationals – is to hire local workers to rebuild an existing boat, stock it with locally made goods for export and sail it out! (You can find a lot more detail at

Yes, we know Israel will very likely try to stop this ship too and very well may succeed. But even if this happens, we will have created some much-needed employment for Palestinians in Gaza; simulated the local economy and paid manufacturers, farmers and craftspeople for products that are now sitting unsold in warehouses; and brought media attention to Gaza along the way on Israel's continuing ban on exports from Gaza (without which a functioning economy is not possible).

However, we need your help to make this happen. Before the work can start, we need to have $40,000. Please visit today and click on the "donate" button to give whatever you can. No amount is too small!

The call is coming from Palestine to make Gaza's Ark a reality. Watch this video (</wbr>11/07/video-gazas-fishers/), produced in Gaza by a local filmmaker, in which fishermen who brave the threat of Israeli guns in order to make a living explain why. Please watch and share!

Forward this email to your friends, family members and affiliated organizations, asking for their support as well.

In solidarity,

Gaza’s Ark Steering Committee