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Human rights group that sailed 5 times into port of Gaza.

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Free Gaza

Action Days against the Siege and Occupation


Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Gaza Border

Coalition of Women for Peace with Code Pink and the Coalition against the Siege

A million and a half residents of the Gaza Strip have been suffering for years from ongoing siege and Israeli assaults, which peaked in the recent War. Israel's severe military aggression has become possible due to a gradual process of isolating Gaza – politically, geographically, economically and socially. While Israel portrayed the disengagement as if it were the end of occupation, it actually made Gaza into the largest prison on earth.


The Gaza Strip was occupied by Israel in 1967, along with the West Bank. Its residents are part of the Palestinian people which lost their lands in 1948. Since then, the state of Israel persists and intensifies its control over the Palestinians. By doing so Israel confirms that the Nakba is not yet over. Ending the occupation, lifting the siege and realizing the right of return are all vital elements in achieving a just peace.

Join us in action!

Saturday, 6.6 – Tel Aviv

18:00 large demonstration against the occupation, marking 42 years to 1967, with a large coalition against the occupation

Sunday 7.6, Monday 8.6, Tuesday 9.6 – Gaza Border

9:00 each morning – Protest actions near Gaza Crossings

  • Sunday – Playgrounds for Gaza
  • Monday – Convoy of prohibited goods
  • Tuesday – Protest against the mass imprisonment of the Gazans

Starting at 15:00 on all three days – lectures and workshops





The Gaza Strip: Dependence of an isolated enclave (Ruhama Marton, Physicians for Human Rights)

Feminist Perspectives on Political Privileges and Responsibility (Yael Ben Yefet and Inna Michaeli)

Between Gaza, Yaffa and Ramallah – Gaza in the Larger Palestinian Context (Yasmeen Daher)

Restrictions on Freedom of Movement: A Legal Perspective (Tania Hary, Gisha)

For the Return: Against the Siege and the Wall (Raja Zuabi Omari)

Code-Pink Alert: Get to know Code Pink (Code Pink)


Gaza Today (Lubna Masarwa, Free Gaza Movement)

Jewish – Palestinian Coordinated Feminist Action (Arabiya Mansur)

BDS from a Feminist Perspective (Adi Dagan)

Everything you always wanted to know (and never dared to ask) about the campaign for BDS (Rachel Giora)

Corporate Responsibility on the Israeli Occupation (Dalit Baum and Merav Amir)

Racism, Democracy and Political Persecution in Israel (Lizi Sagie)


Opening Panel

Refuse to Serve the Occupation: CO's Panel (Tali Lerner, Bar Rose, Sahar Vardi and Raz Bar David)

Closing Session: Feminist Networks of Action and Knowledge

Wednesday, 10.6

Protest and tours in Jerusalem

Friday, 12.6

Joining Popular Demonstrations against the Wall in Bil'n, Ni'ilin and Ma'asara

Saturday, 13.6

Tour on the Nakba with the Committee for Displaced Refugees