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October 29, 2017: A British delegation who walked across Europe to Palestine to protest the centennial of the Balfour Declaration, was participating in a peaceful demonstration in Hebron when they were violently attacked by a settler living in the illegal settlement of Kfar Etzion. The settler, Ofer Hanna, regularly intimidates peaceful demonstrations. When one of the Hebron leaders blocked him from attacking further, Hanna became enraged and viciously kicked the activist, Mahdi Meraeb, knocking him to the ground.

The police stood by while the settler continued to threaten and scream obscenities as he blocked three local leaders from walking with the British delegation. Finally, the police moved Hanna away but he was not arrested. However, the activists that were attacked; Nidal Jabri and Mahdi Meraeb, were handcuffed and taken away. They have now been detained for several hours in an Israeli prison near the illegal settlement.

The 60-activist delegation marched to Palestine via London, France, Switzerland, Italy, Greece and Turkey, then took a plane to Amman and continued walking towards the Karama crossing in Jericho until they reached Jerusalem.

The Hebron group in charge of the walk, Dismantle the Ghetto, strive to publicize the apartheid conditions there and work for basic human rights for Palestinians. They have been working closely with the Amos Trust group in London, a church group that ”works with vibrant, grass-roots projects – based in Palestine, South Africa, Nicaragua, Burundi, India, Tanzania and beyond – that are developing local solutions to global issues.”

Activist, Badee Dwaik coordinator of a partner advocacy group, “Human Rights Defenders” is on a tour in European capitals to talk about the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians since the 1917 Balfour Declaration and the consequent war crimes committed by the Israeli occupation in the last 70 years. He is currently speaking in Dublin.

Dweik reported that there are massive demonstrations on the 4th of November being organized across Europe to protest the Balfour Declaration in front of British embassy in Ireland this Thursday.